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    WO-1 Smith's United States Marine Corps Application


    W-1 Smith

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    WO-1 Smith's United States Marine Corps Application

    Post  W-1 Smith on Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:06 pm

    Name: W-1.Dan Smith 24th MEU Camp Lejune North Carolina

    Gamer tag:Noah(its my middle name)

    Timezone: EST


    What game(s) are you here for (OFP 2/ARMA 2/Both):ArmA 2

    Why do you want to join:I want a Tactical Realistic Armed Assault 2 experience, rather than a Non realistic Co-Op match.

    Will you be active on the chatroom: Yes

    How did you hear about us: I was browsing through google looking for tactical realistic Groups.

    Will you be active on the forums: Yes

    Please follow the rules and respect all members in this clan. Do not use inappropriate language for no reason on the forums. Remember that I have the all mighty power to ban you in this clan if I have to. This clan is all about teamwork, tactics, and organization.

    If you agree, please sign you're username here:
    W-1 Smith

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