This a BFBC clan and it's all about the tactics. This clan is splitted into squads and each individual member has a rank. As he/she proves themselve worthy in the battlefield, they will rank up. Join now to get all the high ranks you can!

    zaans his app



    zaans his app

    Post  zaans on Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:00 pm

    Name:liam de haas

    Gamer tag: zaans (probably)

    Timezone: GMT +1

    Age: 14 (born on 03-sept-1994

    What game(s) are you here for (OFP 2/ARMA 2/Both): OFP2

    Why do you want to join: it seems to be aa great clan and clans are almost everytime fun!!

    Will you be active on the chatroom: ofcourse

    How did you hear about us: searches on google

    Will you be active on the forums: il be trying to badly

    Please follow the rules and respect all members in this clan. Do not use inappropriate language for no reason on the forums. Remember that I have the all mighty power to ban you in this clan if I have to. This clan is all about teamwork, tactics, and organization.

    If you agree, please sign you're username here: zaans


    zaans his app

    Post  zaans on Sun Aug 16, 2009 2:08 am

    srry for filling i n this app i thought it was for PC

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