This a BFBC clan and it's all about the tactics. This clan is splitted into squads and each individual member has a rank. As he/she proves themselve worthy in the battlefield, they will rank up. Join now to get all the high ranks you can!

    Cockeye's application



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    Cockeye's application

    Post  cockeye on Fri Jan 23, 2009 5:11 pm


    Gamer tag: E1WildTurkey

    Timezone: Central

    Age: 22

    Why do you want to join: Former Marine seeking a good clan with leadership and knowledge of fundamental tactics. I like the squad based combat where every member has a role within the squad and is also able to rise within the ranks. I would overall like to join because sharing my experience and being able to learn from others with the same intrique and share and over all view for positive gameplay as well as victory on the battlefield.

    Will you be active on the chatroom: yes

    How did you hear about us: Google

    Will you be active on the forums: yes

    Please follow the rules and respect all members in this clan. Do not use inappropriate language for no reason on the forums. Remember that I have the all mighty power to ban you in this clan if I have to. This clan is all about teamwork, tactics, and organization.

    If you agree, please sign you're username here: Cockeye

    General - Leader of Alpha Squad
    General - Leader of Alpha Squad

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    Re: Cockeye's application

    Post  AeroXMetalica on Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:43 pm

    Welcome to the USMC Soldier! You are now in this clan. I will soon send you a message with further details about your rank and position. Thank you.



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