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    The Ryan Diesel and other clan members

    Captain - Leader of Delta Squad
    Captain - Leader of Delta Squad

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    The Ryan Diesel and other clan members

    Post  amuhwarmachine on Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:39 pm

    I saw your game invite late last night but I did not accept it due to my brother playing Dead Space at the time, I didn’t mean any disrespect and wanted to send a message. I am sorry if there was any confusion. I believe there is nothing going on at Saturday afternoon and if any one wants to play some BC rounds and see what we got to work with I will have no problem with that. I might have some time today but I do know my brother will be coming back later tonight to finish up his game.

    Sorry I meant to put this in General Discussion. Also do you guys play non ranked matches just for like warm ups or having fun?

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